Blind Pass

Blind Pass Address: 17200 Captiva Dr, Captiva, FL 33924 Blind Pass is temporarily closed due to damage from Hurricane Ian on September 28th 2022. Blind Pass might open to the public in January 2023 depending on the clean up and the safety of the bridge. A saltwater fishing license is required to fish here. Bathrooms […]

Tarpon Street Pier

Sadly Tarpon Street Pier also known as Tarpon Pier was destroyed by Hurricane Ian back on September 28th 2022. Whole Pier is gone. There is no ETA on when this Pier will be rebuilt. Address: 714 Tarpon St, Fort Myers, FL 33916 Saltwater fishing license is required to fish here. Might have a port-a-john No […]

Mangrove Snapper

Gray snapper, also called mangrove snapper or “mangoes,” are found throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They can vary in coloration, but are generally dark gray and brown on the upper half, with pink and orange coloration on the lower half of the fish. Their tail is broad and slightly forked.

What is a Bailess Fishing Reel

Bailess Fishing Reel is Spinning reel which has been made without the bail arm which is needed to be open before you can cast your line.

How to hook a Grey Swimming Crab

Learn how to properly rig a live grey swimming crab as bait for snook, tarpon, ladyfish, sheepshead, and other crab-eating fish.

What is a Baitcaster

Describe the baitcaster. The popular reel amongst bass fishing anglers is the, but saltwater anglers use them as well.