Fishing Florida Water is a community of local anglers who enjoy fishing and also helping new and future anglers learn to better their chances of landing more fish and helping to educate new and future anglers about the fish and marine life.

Fishing Florida Water goal is to focus more on showing the new and future anglers the techniques we use that works best for the places we fish at.

The requirements are that you as a contributor understand that Fishing Florida Water is focused to be a family friendly place where people can come watch your videos that are linked on YOUR YouTube channel.

Fishing Florida Water only fee to being a member/contributor is a $25 one-time non-refundable joining fee which helps support the website.

All money made on the Fishing Florida Water website is all going back into making sure the website stays up.

The money or sales you make from YouTube ads or partnerships with companies is all yours. We ask you at least mention Fishing Florida Water in the Description of your video.

You’re solely responsible for the success of your channel and the content you upload to your channel. As mentioned visitors to Fishing Florida Water to your videos could be children. So we want to respect the parents and their children from content that might be offense. I know it may seem silly but that’s just the vision we have and expect.

If your channel is gonna have stuff that maybe offense like inappropriate or offensive music then chances are your channel could be removed from Fishing Florida Water.

We are also trying to keep or members/contributors to just a fishing or hunting related channels we aren’t interested in your personal channels that have gaming or reactions to other videos.

For example; Matthew started one of his first YouTube channels which was a personal YouTube channel which then he started adding other stuff like Astronomy and then Fishing, Later Matthew realized that he just wanted to have a channel dedicated to fishing and all content related to fishing was stopped from being added onto his personal channel to start Fishing Florida Water. Because we want to be a group of anglers that have our own dedicated fishing and hunting and marine life education channels.

Sounds silly to some but that’s just the vision Matthew wants to push Fishing Florida Water to.

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