Knobbed whelk

Knobbed whelk

Channeled and knobbed whelks (“whelks”) are edible marine snails. They are carnivorous scavengers and predators of shellfish that inhabit benthic, shallow, nearshore environments. These animals feature a coiled, spiraled shell with a muscular foot that protrudes from its opercular opening.

The species range along the east coast from southern Massachusetts to Florida. Massachusetts represents the northern geographic range for these species and the animals are generally confined to the waters south and west of Cape Cod. This includes Nantucket Sound, Vineyard Sound, Buzzards Bay and Mount Hope Bay. Movement is thought to be limited with only small scale seasonal migrations of less than several miles.

At this time I can’t say that collecting any of these that are alive and having a living or any living marine life in them can take possession of legally, with that said, if you find one of these Snails I’d highly avoid collecting them. As you could be breaking the law which could lead you to dealing with legal matters.

Anywhere in Lee County Florida, it is illegal to collect live shellfish including starfish and sand dollars and many other places in Florida. There is honestly no need to take these Marine life just so you can kill them and let them collect dust in your house. Leave Marine Life in the water where they belong and take pictures of them for memories.

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