Hart’s Landing Sarasota Florida

Address: 920 John Ringling Causeway, Sarasota, FL 34236

Hart’s Landing is Sarasota’s oldest saltwater fishing bait and tackle store. They are located near beautiful downtown Sarasota at the foot of the John Ringling Causeway on the way to Lido Beach. They offer a variety of live and frozen bait for saltwater fishing in the Sarasota’s bays and in the Gulf of Mexico.

They sell Live shrimp (regulars and larger “handpicks”), pinfish, and during tarpon season, live crabs. We have frozen bait including frozen shrimp, squid, sardines, chum, and mullet. Various assorted artificial lures, weights, hooks, rod and reel combos, and other fishing tackle. They also carry fresh sandwiches, cold beer and soda, hot coffee, and a variety of chips and snacks.

They do have two bathrooms that are open till about 10 PM but make sure you use it before 9:30 PM in case the county locks it early shop also closes around 10 PM They recommend you call them before making your way to them to make sure they’ve plenty of bait.

Sarasota Pier to my understanding anyone can fish on the Pier without a fishing license the county has made the Pier free to anything to fish their however Florida Fishing Regulations still apply to the fish you catch, ex; Out of Season fish are not allowed to be kept, under sized fish aren’t allowed to be kept either and endangered fish like a Sawfish is not allowed to be removed from the water.

A fishing license is required to fish from the seawall under the bridge.

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