The Bridge Street Pier, Bradenton Beach, Florida

The historic Bridge Street pier on Anna Maria Island is located at 200 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, Florida.

Popular fish that can be caught are Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Trout, Pompano, Jack Crevalle, Grouper, Snapper, LadyFish, Mackerel, Flounder, Sheepshead and small sharks and many other types of fish depending on the season and the type of bait used.

Best baits to use: Live Shrimp and Live fiddler crabs cut baits.

Recommended setups: 6-7 foot Medium Fast Action Rod, 4000-6000 Size Spinning Reel 20-30 Braided line for the reel and a 20lb mono leader using a double uni knot and a split shot for weight if needed #2 Circle Hook or a 1/0 Circle Hook, or a chartreuse 3/8 oz jig head hook for Sheepshead.

Personally the best time to fish here is a week day most of the time and there is a spot on the Pier at night that has green lights that attract fish like Snook over so freelining a crab or live shrimp is best. Avoid any swivels or sinkers. For Snook use 1/0-4/0 Circle Hooks depending on the size of your baits don’t use to big of a hook if your bait is small.

Florida Fishing License is required. Residents between 16 years of age and 65 and all non-residents over the age of 16 (who aren’t exempt) must have a Florida fishing license.

Be warned it’s illegal to use a cast net at this Pier in fact it’s a $75 fine if you get caught. Use a Sibiki rig to catch Pinfish using squid or frozen shrimp.

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