How to tie a Clinch Knot

How to tie a Clinch Knot

In recent years the original Clinch Knot has been supplanted to such a degree by the “Improved Clinch Knot” that the regular old Clinch has fallen by the wayside for many anglers. Anglers even refer to the improved version as the “Clinch Knot”.

The biggest issue with the Clinch knot is that it does increase the chance of the knot slipping and you losing a fish and tackle if the knot is used with Braided line. The Clinch knot does work as a fast knot for tying hooks and lures to a mono or fluorocarbon leader.

I would personally avoid using this knot if it you to tie a hook or lure straight to braid.

Clinch Knot Tying Instructions

  • Feed the line through the eye of the hook, lure.
  • Double back parallel to the standing line and pinch the two lines together with thumb and forefinger of right hand.
  • Insert index finger of left hand (Feel free to reverse hands in steps to and three if you are left handed.) and begin twisting to put about seven twists in the line below the hook.
  • Feed the tag end back up through the opening behind the hook.
  • Moisten the lines and pull the knot tight.
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