Best Leader for Snook and Tarpon

Snook and Tarpon Leader

Best Leader for Snook and Tarpon

The size of the fish you’re targeting and the environment in which you’re fishing will determine which of these leaders is best for you. If you are fishing in an area where a snook or tarpon could potentially get you stuck on something, you will want to use the strongest leader possible. Your main fishing line is typically the main line that comes off the reel, and it’s recommended to be braided because it’s a lot lighter weight.

However, braid is more vulnerable to being cut than a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. The difference between monofilament and fluorocarbon is that one is supposed to be strong but also costs more than the other.

One of the things you should take in mind is that if you’re gonna be using a leader say 80lb with a Braided line of around 65lb for example depending on the knot your going to use to connect your main line to the leader is that we can use the double uni knot as an example, if you were to use 80lb monofilament to try and tie to 65lb Braided line being how thick the 80lb monofilament leader is you will likely not get a good amount of wraps to make your knot and that will make things not good in many ways one being a huge issue is that you might end up using your 80lb monofilament leader slip over your 65lb Braided line if you end up with a big fish on.

The other issue you will end up with is likely having the knot get stuck inside your rod eye guides when you are reeling your line up, depending on how long your leader is.

That being said if you were going to use a heavy leader with lite fishing line then you might consider what knot would work best for you to avoid this problem.

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