What is a Conventional reel

Conventional reels are commonly used for offshore fishing, such as charter boat deep sea fishing. Nevertheless, some inshore anglers also use conventional reels. The conventional reel comes in various sizes, which are used for targeting certain sized fish.

A lot of the conventional reels have some of the same features as baitcasters have, such as the spool tension knob, the star drag knob, and a lever drag. The spool tension knob controls how fast the spool spins when casting. The star drag controls how tight the drag is on the reel. This feature helps you lock down the fish from swimming away. However, stronger fish can push through the drag lockdown. The lever drag is great for using for free lining, but it’s used for other purposes as well. Typically, I use the lever drag when I am using a live bait or I am free lining bait out. If you like videos like this, subscribe to be notified when more videos are released.

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